Paneuropean 2022

A Coruña Fillos de Breogán are delighted to be the hosts of the Paneuropean Football Championships 2022, that will take place 15th October in A Coruña. Here you can find useful information about the city, how to get here, accommodation and any other details of the tournament.

Do you have any questions? Please send us an email to and we will try to help you.

The city of A Coruña

Travelling to A Coruña

A Coruña is in the Northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula. There are three airports in Galicia which you can fly to, and you can also arrive there by bus or by train:

    • Flying to A Coruña Airport. A Coruña Airport has a few international flights (London, Paris) and it is also connected with the main Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Bilbao, Valencia).
  • Travelling by train. There is a good connection by train with Madrid, it takes less than 4 hours to get to A Coruña from there.
  • Flying to Santiago Airport. The Rosalía de Castro Airport is the main airport in Galicia, with many international connections, as well as national flights to the most important cities in Spain. There are a couple of buses (operated by Monbus) that go to A Coruña and Santiago Airport every day, and another option is by train. If you choose the train then you can use the public bus to get from or to the train station (bus stop is Rúa do Hórreo, 23).
  • Flying to Vigo Airport. Vigo Airport mostly has national connections. Once there, the train is the best option to get to A Coruña (it takes around 1 h 30 min).
  • Flying to Madrid Airport. For those of you who cannot get to the Galician airports, we recommend travelling via Madrid. Once there you can take the metro or the Cercanías to get to Chamartín train station, and there are many trains per day from there to A Coruña.
  • Flying to Porto Airport. Porto has a big airport with many connections, just like Madrid, but connection via train is not recommended. If you decide to fly to Porto there are buses operated by Flixbus that can take you to A Coruña, it will take you 5 or more hours.

Getting around the city

  • Public transport (bus). The ticket costs 1.20€ and should be purchased on the bus. The lines can be seen on Google Maps, so you can use it to find out how to get from one place to another by bus. You will easily recognize the city buses by their bright red colour.
  • Bicycle. There is a public network of bicycles in A Coruña called Bicicoruña (there is no English version of the site yet) that can be used by visitors paying a fee of 10€ and then a fixed price per minute. There are also some places where you can rent a bike (for example, Eco-Lógica).
  • Car. A Coruña is a small city and parking is not very easy, so we encourage the use of public transport or other more ecological options. If you choose to get around by car anyway be careful when driving in the city centre, as there are some streets where traffic is restricted and you can get fined by a camera system!
  • Walk. If your hotel is in the city centre you can walk to most of the places of interest.


We are negotiating with some hotels to try to obtain discount codes for the people travelling to A Coruña for the Paneuropean. We will list the hotels with discount here as soon as possible.

The tournament


The tournament will take place in seven different fields that are located in different parts of the city:

  • Cidade Deportiva Arsenio Iglesias. This sports centre, located next to the World Heritage monument Tower of Hércules, will be the main scenario of the Paneuropean finals. Four pitches are reserved there for the event the whole day.
  • San Pedro de Visma. Two more pitches are available in the area of Visma, and a bus service will be provided by the organisers to make any necessary transfers easier.
  • Elviña Stadium. This is the stadium of the University of A Coruña, and is located at Campus de Elviña. This will (almost certainly) be the scenario of the main finals. Unlike the other fields, which are artificial turf, the Elviña Stadium has natural grass.

Player fees